I have not been keeping this website up to date but I promise to be better in the future. The past ten months have been busy, I am still at the University but I changed research projects and have some exciting new responsibilities. The good news is my current project is a bit more flexible and I should be able to blog a bit more about some of the fun aspects of my research. I am now at the Centre for Renewable Energy at Charles Darwin University. I am working on an energy efficiency project targeting low income indigenous households in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. My new role also includes teaching. I am the course coordinator for two new courses in the School of Environment. The courses are Environmental Planning and Policy (ENV 513) and Carbon Economies (ENV 514). Both courses will d├ębut in March 2014. It will be a mix of theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects and will include speakers from RIEL, community leaders, and government planners. The courses will be offered on-line as well as via traditional classroom teaching and the on-line class should be as engaging and interesting as the on-campus course. Watch this space for developments.

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  • Sandy

    Good to see you blogging again.