500 Days of Earthquakes

The Press had an article about the Canterbury earthquakes with some interesting statistics. Christchurch had more than 9500 earthquakes in the past 500 days. We had an average of one earthquake of magnitude 3+ every FOUR hours. No wonder none of the doors and windows in my house line up and all my photos are attached to the shelves with Blu-Tack. For more interesting statistics, read the full article.

500 days ago I had never felt an earthquake. Now I can guess magnitudes and fault lines, liquefaction is a part of my every day vocabulary, I can discuss various types of demolition equipment and all my favourite pubs and cafes are now operating out of shipping containers.  Kia Kaha Cantabrians.

Converted shipping container cafe in Merivale

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  • http://www.practicallyperfectblog.com/ Jenny

    I remember when we had our teeny-tiny earthquake here in AKL. It made the news, and all I could think was, “Um, don’t they have like 4 or 5 of these a day in Ch’ch?”  Crazy!